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Safe Travel Tips Road

The journey from Perth to Exmouth is 1,200km of pink lagoons, seashell beaches, seals, dolphins, and more. While your ultimate destination is a 13-hour non-stop drive, getting to Exmouth safely is far more important than getting here quickly.

No one plans for an accident, and we want to help to make your trip as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Stay alert

We all know drink-driving is bad, but did you know that driving after being awake for 17-19 hours is comparable to having a blood alcohol reading of 0.05? If you’re driving with friends, take turns behind the wheel, and make plenty of rest stops. Stay hydrated and eat well to keep your energy up when you’re driving.

Be aware of limited fuel stops

Stopping to enjoy the scenery is lovely. Stopping because you ran out of petrol is not.
There are long stretches of highway in Western Australia without petrol stops, and not all regional towns offer 24-hour service. Be aware, and remember: It’s always early enough to fuel up!

Keep a safe distance

In Perth, sealed roads work with your brakes to make quick stops possible. Unsealed roads in regional areas make it much more difficult to stop in an emergency. Give the vehicle in front of you plenty of room to brake, and keep the roads safe for everyone.

Watch out for wildlife

Wildlife is busiest at dawn and dusk. Even if your car has a kangaroo bar, it’s best to avoid the roads at those times. If you hit a kangaroo, turn on your hazard lights, stop your car in a safe location, and call 1300 596 457 to report an injured or orphaned animal.
Wildlife Rescue Australia’s call centre operates 24 hours per day.

We know you’re excited to visit Ningaloo, but take your time and get here safely.